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Cheers & Jeers is the thumbs up or thumbs down review of selected television moments each week by the editors of TV Guide Magazine and Whether the editors are praising or deriding TV moments, they're always entertaining and on-point.

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Matt Roush is senior television critic for TV Guide Magazine, and one of the best known critics in the world. He regularly responds to questions and comments from television fans and the Q&As are available to NTVB Media content partners to include in their print and digital publications.


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We provide exclusive feature articles on shows, movies and celebrities, written by our veteran team of accredited television writers.

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Exclusive reviews and previews written by our film critic for the movies premiering on the big screen this week.

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Industry insider Rick Gables shares what’s coming up on TV.


Give your readers a blast from the past with this weekly retro column from our editors at ReMIND magazine.

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