Through NTVB Syndication, we offer approved publishers the opportunity to use our exclusive TV Best Bets, movie reviews, celebrity interviews, Hollywood feature stories, daily TV news and nostalgia content free in print or online.

The images on this page are examples of how newspapers use NTVB content in their print publications.

We also make available our interactive widgets called Find&Remind, which approved publishers place on their website. Find&Remind offers readers a scrolling list of the best TV shows, movies and localized sporting events to watch every day.

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In exchange for the free content, NTVB Syndication partners get to run a 1/4-page print advertisement each week in their newspaper that offers its readers a discounted rate to one of our magazines. We supply the ads, which will be customized to your specs and newspaper's name. For example, "Daily Bugle readers get 88% off the cover price of TV Guide."

Trusted, quality entertainment content for your readers

NTVB syndicated content is developed by our in-house staff of writers, photo editors, and entertainment industry experts from our print and digital publications, including TV Guide Magazine, Channel Guide Magazine, TV Weekly, ReMIND and

A tradition of strong partnerships with newspapers, cable and satellite TV operators

In our 30+ years in business, we've helped newspapers maintain and grow subscriptions, increase revenue and improve customer service. Our unique business models have allowed us to forge strong relationships with more than 200 major newspapers across the country. We also work closely with several of the largest cable and satellite television providers.

NTVB Media Syndication is simply the next step in our long tradition of creating win-win relationships with newspapers and cable and satellite companies like the ones below.

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