NTVB Media has launched a no-cost content program for selected media companies.

If you're accepted into the program, you will have the opportunity to populate your newspaper, magazine, website, mobile app or digital television guide with NTVB Media-licensed content (the "NTVB Content").

To complete your application for the Program and receive NTVB Content, you must agree to this Letter Agreement and the online Terms of Use by checking the box titled "I agree" as a part of the application process.

Once approved, NTVB will notify you at the email address provided in your application that your Content Account has been activated.

As an NTVB Content recipient, you will be authorized to download some or all of the NTVB Content to use in your print publications, on your website(s) and your mobile app(s). When you do so, you also will be required to run a byline, including the name of the publication, with a hyperlink, and writer.

You also will be able to print the NTVB Content in your printed publication(s). You may size, crop or similarly alter the downloaded NTVB Content for printing purposes, but you may not edit or otherwise change the substance of the images or text of either. You are required to run a 3/4-inch advertisement for a NTVB Media magazine each day that What to Watch recommendations are published in your publications. NTVB Media will provide advertisements to you for this purpose.

When you and your organization use NTVB Content, you also agree to run one, quarter-page print advertisement for an NTVB magazine each week in each of the print publications in which the NTVB Content is printed or displayed. If your organization currently works with NTVB and TV Weekly, and you currently run print advertisements as a part of that relationship, then your organization does not need to run additional advertisements in exchange for your use of the NTVB Content.

Should you fail to adhere to the terms of this Letter Agreement, or the Terms and Conditions accompanying each download, NTVB may without notice to you terminate your access to its secure website and your right to download NTVB Content. In addition, either of us may terminate this Letter Agreement at any time by written notice to the other.

If you wish to become an NTVB Content recipient, please indicate your agreement to the terms of this letter and the Terms and Conditions by checking the box titled "I agree" on your application.

By agreeing on behalf of your organization or company, you are representing to NTVB Media that you are authorized to do so. Your organization/company will begin to receive NTVB Content upon NTVB's review and acceptance of your online application.