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The paginated What to Watch TV recommendations that we began to offer newspapers at the start of the pandemic have been very popular. As a result, we will continue to offer it and have fully integrated What to Watch into NTVB Media's Syndication program.

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What to Watch (paginated)

What to Watch paginated TV viewing recommendations are conveniently provided as a camera-ready PDF. What to Watch includes an entire week of daily viewing recommendations, selected by our award-winning TV critics, and covering top shows, movies and more from network, cable/satellite and streaming sources. Available in four time zones, this paginated content is a real time saver for busy newsrooms.

What to Watch (text and images)

Daily viewing recommendations, selected by our award-winning critics and covering top sitcoms, dramas, movies, miniseries and more from network, cable/satellite and major streaming sources.

Celebrity Interviews

Exclusive features on the stars your readers love, written by our team of Television Critics Assocation-accredited members.

TV Insider

Ingest this newsfeed into your website and be your readers source for breaking news and features on TV entertaiment.

This Week In Movies

Previews of the biggest movies, penned by Paul Hall, our eponymous "Common Guy" film critic.


Treat your readers to a Blast From The Past with this weekly nostalgia column that covers the sometimes wacky, and always fun and entertaining things that we fondly remember.

Cheers & Jeers

A popular thumbs-up, thumbs-down column penned by TV Guide Magazine's Damian Holbrook.

Ask Matt

TV Guide Magazine senior television critic, Matt Roush, answers reader questions in this weekly column.

Did You Know?

Industry insider Rick Gables shares what's coming up on TV that your readers will not want to miss.


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