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Welcome to Watch to Watch, the one-stop destination for discovering the best of television. Brought to you by the editors of TV Guide Magazine, TV Weekly and Channel Guide Magazine, What to Watch highlights daily the top shows, movies and sporting events available on network TV, cable channels and streaming services.

What to Watch, available exclusively to media companies in an easy-to-use format at no out-of-pocket expense, ensures your readers are spending their valuable leisure time watching TV and not frustratingly searching for something to watch.

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What to Watch (paginated)

What to Watch paginated TV viewing recommendations are conveniently provided as a camera-ready PDF.

What to Watch includes an entire week of daily viewing recommendations, selected by our award-winning TV critics, and covering top shows, movies and more from network, cable/satellite and streaming sources.

Available in four time zones, this paginated content is a real time-saver for busy newsrooms.

What to Watch (text and images)

Providing What to Watch content as text and images gives newspapers the flexibility to design and layout the pages themselves. As with the paginated pages, those who use What to Watch text and images content are required to include an NTVB Media ad.

What to Watch Newsfeed

The What to Watch newsfeed include news, exclusive interviews, reviews and features about television. Written by leading television writers from the industry's most established publications, including TV Guide Magazine, TV Weekly and Channel Guide.

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